Start a Great Partnership With Us

UDR’s Preferred Employer Program is an opportunity for your company to offer your employees attractive benefits and services at UDR’s luxury apartments around the country—including highly desirable neighborhoods in thriving metropolitan centers like New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco—all at no additional cost to you or your employees.


Please contact us today for assistance with both short-term and permanent client relocations. As a selected pre-approved partner, we extend your company additional benefits, including: waived application fees and waived security deposits when you lease a new home at one of our luxurious apartment communities. Additional discounts may apply in specific markets. Let us work with you to craft the ideal partnership package.


Please contact your company’s HR department / Employee Benefits Administrator to see if your company is an active partner in the UDR Preferred Employer Program. Your company representative may contact us directly with any questions or requests to become a partner in the program. Find out if you are eligible to take advantage of these exceptional benefits today!