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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQEV Charging Solutions

EV Charging

Does this community offer EV charging?

Yes, our community offers EV charging options.

How can I access the EV charging stations?

Park your electric vehicle in the designated charging area, and use the Xeal mobile app to start your charging session.
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How do I reserve an EV reserved parking space?

To reserve your parking space with a charger, head to the UDR Resident App > Request to Rent Item >> Start Date >> Type of Rentable Item >> Parking. Remember to add "EV space" into the additional information field!

Visit the Parking and Storage FAQ page to check out reserved parking pricing.

What types of charging connectors do the stations support?

Xeal EV Charging Stations support standard Level 2 connectors, compatible with most electric vehicles available on the market. If you have any specific connector inquiries, feel free to reach out to Xeal support.

What if I encounter a problem with a charging station?

If you experience any problems with our EV Charging Stations, please contact the Xeal dedicated customer support team or use the support feature in the Xeal mobile app for prompt assistance.