Frequently Asked Questions


What/ where is the closest grocery store?

Trader Joe's, Vons & Mother's Market. Plus: CVS, Target & Fermentation Farm Organic Food nearby.

What school district is this community located in?

Huntington Beach School District

What are the top nearby restaurants/ bars?

Bo's Bagels, Coffee Pacific Crust Sandwiches, Basilico's Pasta e Vino & Basil Thai Cuisine

Where is the nearest transit station (bus, train, etc.)?

Hamilton-Brookhurst Bus stop

What is the nearest park or dog park?

Gisler or Edison Park

What is the nearest shopping center?

Trader Joes or Stater Bros off Brookhurst

What are the nearest coffee shops?

Starbucks across the street

Other selling points for the neighborhood?

Proximity to the beach, plenty of stores located nearby, close to schools