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Frequently Asked Questions


Can residents mount a TV in their apartment?
Yes. Resident responsible for install and damages if any occur
Can residents paint their apartment?
No. N/A
Can residents install curtain rods in their apartment?
Yes. Blinds must stay in place, and be the only thing seen from the outside
Are grills allowed on patio/ balconies?
No. Gas and Propane grills are not permitted at all per code. Electric grills are allowed; however, code restricts size
Can residents decorate their patio/balcony?
Patios need to be kept neat and clean at all times. And only patio furniture should be placed on patio/balcony.
Are satellite dishes allowed on patio/ balconies?
Yes. Additional insurance required, additional deposit required, and can not be attached to building. Must be on free standing tripod. Not all apartments face the correct way to receive service from satellites
Can residents smoke on their patio/balcony?