Frequently Asked Questions


Can residents mount a TV in their apartment?
Yes. Any large holes needing a patch at move out would be extra fees for move out charges.
Can residents paint their apartment?
Yes. They would need to prime the walls back when moving out otherwise they would incur additional paint charges at move out
Can residents install curtain rods in their apartment?
Yes. N/A
Are grills allowed on patio/ balconies?
No. Only electrical grills allowed on patio/outside apt. No propane tanks or charcoal grills allowed.
Can residents decorate their patio/balcony?
yes but must remove holiday decorations within a reasonable time frame after Holiday is over otherwise plants and patio furniture are allowed on patio all year round. Bikes and other valuable possessions that entice people to steal may not be stored on the patio.
Are satellite dishes allowed on patio/ balconies?
No. N/A
Can residents smoke on their patio/balcony?