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Frequently Asked Questions


Can residents mount a TV in their apartment?
Yes. mounting holes less than the circumference of a dime are not charged. Any holes larger than that will be considered negligent damage if not repaired prior to move-out
Can residents paint their apartment?
Yes. required to pain the apartment/ wall back to original color ( leasing office has paint info). any additional painting or color change will be subject to additional charges.
Can residents install curtain rods in their apartment?
Yes. remove upon vacating. If not removed, charges for removal/ disposal will apply.
Are grills allowed on patio/ balconies?
No. must be 10 feet from building to comply with county fire code.
Can residents decorate their patio/balcony?
yes,with reservations, please consult with on-site staff.
Are satellite dishes allowed on patio/ balconies?
Yes. remove upon vacating. additional move-out charges will apply if not removed.
Can residents smoke on their patio/balcony?