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Lakefront Town on the Outskirts of Bustling Nashville

In between two enormous lakes sits the neighborhood of Hermitage. Not only does this pleasant residential area lend itself to recreational activities on the water, but it also is right on the outskirts of downtown Nashville. Residents also love the selection of outstanding schools and hospitals in the greater Nashville area. Hermitage, TN is the home of President Andrew Jackson's estate, a popular historic site enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Hermitage is a residential neighborhood between two large lakes, with easy access to downtown Nashville. It boasts excellent schools and hospitals, and is home to President Andrew Jackson's estate, a popular historic site.

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4100 Central Pike,
Hermitage, TN 37076
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Proximity to Downtown Nashville
Proximity to Downtown Nashville
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Travel with Ease
Travel with Ease
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Nashville Shores Water Park
Nashville Shores Water Park
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