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Frequently Asked Questions


Can residents mount a TV in their apartment?
Yes. Holes must be patched at move out
Can residents paint their apartment?
No. Walls must be returned to white prime to avoid paint change.
Can residents install curtain rods in their apartment?
Yes. n/a
Are grills allowed on patio/ balconies?
No. Grills are not allowed
Can residents decorate their patio/balcony?
Balconies and patios shall be kept neat and clean at all times. No rugs, towels, laundry, clothing, appliances or other items shall be stored, hung or draped on railings or other portions of balconies or patios. Resident shall be mindful that their use of any patios or balconies does not cause any hazards or damage of any kind, or contribute to unsightly appearances on the exterior of the dwelling. No misuse of the space is permitted, including but not limited to, throwing, spilling or pouring liquids or other items, whether intentionally or negligently, over the balconies or patios.
Are satellite dishes allowed on patio/ balconies?
Yes. Must have a tripod for any sort of dish
Can residents smoke on their patio/balcony?