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Frequently Asked Questions


What/ where is the closest grocery store?

Giant 0.8 miles Harris Teeter 1.5 miles H Mart 1 mile Lotte 2.4 mile

What school district is this community located in?

Fairfax County

What are the top nearby restaurants/ bars?

Restaurants located at world gate plaza 1.6 miles Kalpasi Indian Cuisine TGI Fridays Ned Devine's Irish pub Anatolian Bistro Turkish Mediterranean Inchin's Bamboo Garden QDOBA Mexican Eats Bars located in Clock tower 0.7 mile Stone's Cove Kitbar Ned Devine's Irish sports bar

Where is the nearest transit station (bus, train, etc.)?

Fairfax Connector 0.2 miles Innovation Center Metro Station 0.3 miles

What neighborhood or subdivision is this community in?


What is the nearest park or dog park?

Dulles Station Community Park

What is the nearest shopping center?

Clock Tower

What are the nearest coffee shops?


Other selling points for the neighborhood?

Quick access to the Dulles Toll Road, Fairfax County Parkway, and Dulles Airport