Frequently Asked Questions


Can residents mount a TV in their apartment?
Yes. Has to fill in holes before move out after mounting TV
Can residents paint their apartment?
Can residents install curtain rods in their apartment?
Yes. Fix holes if needed
Are grills allowed on patio/ balconies?
No. $500 fine from Fire Marshall if found with a grill.
Can residents decorate their patio/balcony?
Yes with patio furniture and plants only. Patios/balconies are not to be used as storage.
Are satellite dishes allowed on patio/ balconies?
Yes. Satellites can only be inside your leased premises, have to be facing correct direction, can only be clamped to your railing and not nailed on the roof or building. Also a $100 Satellite deposit owed for the Satellite to be on our property.
Can residents smoke on their patio/balcony?