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Frequently Asked Questions


What/ where is the closest grocery store?


What school district is this community located in?

Mountain View Whisman School District

What are the top nearby restaurants/ bars?

Fambrini's Cafe, State of Mind Public House & Pizzeria, Das Bierhauz

Where is the nearest transit station (bus, train, etc.)?

Mountain View Station, Evelyn Station

What neighborhood or subdivision is this community in?

Castro City

What is the nearest park or dog park?

Rengstorff Park

What is the nearest shopping center?

Clarkwood Shopping Center

What are the nearest coffee shops?

ZombieRunner Coffee, Starbucks, WFM Coffee Bar

Other selling points for the neighborhood?

Nearby 101, 237, 82 and 85 freeways. Minutes from Shoreline Amphitheatre and Lake, and nature preserves.