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Affordable Housing at Highlands of Marin

In partnership with the City of San Rafael, Highlands of Marin is proud to offer affordable housing under the Low- and Moderate-Income Programs. The Program's goal is to maintain housing that is affordable to our workforce and our Low- and Moderate-income residents, families, and seniors. And to increase affordable housing opportunities in San Rafael to ensure homes remain affordable.

Housing Options

­Highlands of Marin proudly participates in the San Rafael Low- and Moderate-income programs, providing apartments to eligible individuals and families.

The Program requires that all applicants complete a Tenant Income Certification Form at both Initial Certification and Annual Recertification and provide the following income documents. Additional documents may be requested if needed to determine eligibility. See the full list of qualifying proof of income documentation and occupancy limits.

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Maximum Annual Income Limits

Low-Income Program
1 Person: $87,150
2 Persons: $99,600
3 Persons: $112,000
4 Persons: $124,500
5 Persons: $134,450

Moderate Income Program
1 Person: $116,200
2 Persons: $132,800
3 Persons: $149,400
4 Persons: $166,000
5 Persons: $179,300

More Information

We also require a minimum of 2.5 times the monthly rent to qualify. If you have any questions or would like to apply, please reach out to us at [email protected].