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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQSmart Home + GiGstreem Internet

What is GiGstreem Internet?

GiGstreem is our high-speed wireless internet service provider, offering internet connectivity throughout the community, including the gym, hallways, amenity spaces, and your apartment- all without routers or clunky cable boxes taking up space in your homes. Our community-wide internet, powered by GiGstreem, is a valuable addition to our suite of Smart Home technology and is available immediately upon move-in.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Approximately 48 hours before the Lease start date, GiGstreem will email a registration link to create an account and connect to their high-speed internet. All other Smart Home features will be available in your home upon move-in and controllable via the Smart Rent app.

Do I need a technician to visit my home for internet setup?

No, the necessary equipment and infrastructure for instant-on internet were installed throughout the community previously. No installation is required.

What is the cost?

Your Lease will automatically include additional Technology Rent for $70/mo. This Technology Rent will cover the cost of your access to GiGstreem's 1 GIG internet and the other Smart Home technology amenities in our community. No data caps, hidden fees, or taxes are associated with this monthly charge.

How fast is the internet?

The internet package provided as part of your lease has an excellent internet speed of 1 GIG. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed due to factors like equipment performance, interference, congestion, and the speeds of visited websites. WiFi speeds are also affected by distance from the gateway, home layout, and device capabilities.

What network do I use around common areas such as the pool, or the lobby?

The GiGstreem Network can still be used safely and securely anywhere throughout the community. For best results, be sure to connect to your newHome Network once returning to your apartment.

Who do I contact if I have questions about service?

Internet and streaming services are powered by GiGstreem. So, any technical questions with the internet or streaming services should be addressed with GiGstreem directly by reaching their customer service department at 877-853-1993.