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A Part of Life - Top Floor vs Bottom Floor

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Top Floor vs. Bottom Floor: Which Floor is Best for You?

Published on February 6, 2020 by Amy

The top floor has a reputation for being the premier place to make your home in an apartment building. A slew of celebrities from Taylor Swift to Stephen Dorff boast glamorous penthouse suites. But is it truly the best? Maybe, maybe not. Each floor of an apartment building has its benefits. Before you limit your apartment search to the top floor only, consider your lifestyle and how the pros and cons of each floor will affect your day-to-day activities.

Bottom Floor

Perhaps the most enticing part of first-floor apartment living is the fact that you don’t have to haul groceries up multiple flights of stairs or try to wrestle them into an already occupied elevator. Do you always find yourself in a hurry? You can get in and out of your abode quicker when it’s on the bottom floor. With no neighbors below you, you can dance around in those new Jimmy Choo stilettos all you want. Finally, the first floor stays cooler, making your utility bills less expensive in the summer than those of your upstairs neighbors.

Middle Floor

Apartment dwellers on middle floors get the best of both worlds. They don’t hear as much street noise and foot traffic as their first-floor counterparts, and they often have similar views from their balconies as those on upper floors. The interior temperature remains consistent throughout the year, making it easy to budget for utilities.

Top Floor

Penthouse suites offer better city views, and often get more natural light through the windows. Of course, more sunlight means warmer interior temperatures. This is great in the winter months, but paired with the fact that heat rises, apartment living in the summer months requires more reliance on the A/C. Many people don’t mind paying more for utilities in the summer, however, if it means they get more peace and quiet without noisy neighbors overhead.

Which floor do you consider the best to live on in an apartment building? Share your own pros and cons in the comments below.