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5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Active

Published on November 12, 2020 by Madison

Encouraging your pet to stay active is an essential part of maintaining their overall health. As we spend more time indoors, it can become increasingly challenging to keep your pet physically and mentally engaged. Check out these five ways to keep your pet active and healthy!

1. Take Outdoor Walks

Weather permitting, a walk, or jog with your pet is the perfect way to promote activity for you and your pet. Most dogs will enjoy getting outside even if temperatures are brisk. In winter months, try to plan your walk during the warmest part of the day to ensure your pet's paws are not sensitive to the ground temperature. If your pet has short hair or is not a fan of the cold, invest in a coat or sweater.

2. Buy a Stimulating Toy

Whatever the reason, if going outside is out of the question, stimulate your pet's mind and body with an interactive toy. Fill a Kong with a tasty treat (like peanut butter!) or purchase a refreshing treat-dispensing toy that promotes long-lasting interest. These toys can also help fight boredom and anxiety and are a fun way to keep pets active.

3. Teach a New Trick

Spend time with your pet teaching them a new trick to keep them mentally engaged. Move beyond basic commands like "stay" and "shake" to something more complicated like "rollover." Not only will your pet enjoy learning something new, but new tricks encourage good behavior and can strengthen your bond.

4. Schedule a Playdate

Schedule a puppy play date with a close friend or family member for some guaranteed exercise. Dogs love to play, chase, and wrestle with each other, with little participation required on your end. Doggie daycare is also a great alternative to play dates, especially if finding a time to meet becomes challenging.

5. Play Fetch Indoors

While simple, playing fetch at home with your pet is a great way to encourage physical activity. As long as you have enough space for your pet to run a short distance, fetch is the perfect game to keep your pet active and wear them out.

We hope you find these ways to keep your pet active helpful. Happy exercising to you and your furry friend!