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Chesterfield: Rich in History, Just Right for Today

Founded in 1749, Chesterfield County is abundant with historic landmarks and parks, offering the perfect setting for outdoor exploring. Whether you're visiting Pocahontas State Park for its 64-plus miles of trails or the Appomattox River for a day of fishing, you'll always have activities. Chesterfield also offers easy access to the many conveniences of metropolitan Richmond, so you don't have to choose between rustic living and city life. Here, enjoy the best of both worlds.

Founded in 1749, Chesterfield County is rich in history and nature, with parks and landmarks to explore. Enjoy outdoor activities at Pocahontas State Park or the Appomattox River. With easy access to metropolitan Richmond, you can have the best of both rustic living and city conveniences in Chesterfield.

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Waterside at Ironbridge
11800 Lake Falls Drive,
Chester, VA 23831
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