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UDR Careers

A smart career investment

When you join UDR, you will have the stability of a leading residential apartment corporation in a supportive and family-like atmosphere, where you will feel inspired to grow and celebrate your potential. Founded in 1972, we are an S&P 500 company and one of the nation’s top multi-family real estate investment trusts, publicly traded on the NYSE.

The experience and reputation of our team results from the successful management, development and revitalization of some of the countries most attractive properties. We make luxurious living more accessible in a variety of flourishing cities. If real estate is your passion, we have the presence and the leadership to propel your future upward and onward.

Top five reasons to join udr


Work Culture
& Belonging

UDR has created a unique culture – one that fosters a sense of belonging, friendship and support amongst its associates. The integrated teams at UDR genuinely enjoy working together.



There are plenty of opportunities to grow in the company. We encourage you to develop in the way that best fits you, through access to meaningful training online, in the classroom, and on-the-job.


& Reward

Where there is a will there is a reward. We practice sincerity and honesty in all that we do, with the intention of always doing the right thing. This kind of integrity is noticed. We are performance-based and make every effort to repay your effort.



Working for a known company as UDR, you will be confident we can deliver on what we promise.


& Ownership

Empowering our associates to make timely and responsible decisions and to take the actions necessary to achieve exceptionally high customer satisfaction.